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Health Plans

We offer a full spectrum of diabetes care management, population health screening, and wellness programs for commercial and Medicare Advantage health plans.


Quality Improvement Measures

Through our proprietary identification algorithms on your claims datasets, we work to identify and screen unmanaged, high-risk diabetic patients. Our screening and provider outreach programs can help health plans improve their Star Ratings and provider’s Quality Improvement Measures.


Retinal screenings,
PAD screenings,
Hemoglobin A1C POC testing

Our clinical field staff work with your providers to screen at-risk populations and close gaps in care.

We help you find high-risk patients

We apply our proprietary identification algorithms to your claims, helping you better manage your population.

We’re experts in assessing appropriate risk adjustments

We enable you to obtain the correct premium payment for the right risk profile of your plan member.

Care Management Solutions

The FirstVitals Carepanion™ platform extends the reach of care coordinators, enabling you to better engage and support patients where they live and work. The Carepanion™ platform connects with wireless peripheral medical devices, and is fully integrated with mobile internet-enabled tablets. Our platform enables you to deliver customized care experiences to more patients.

Meet patients where they are

Our solution is fully mobile, enables you to better extend your resources, and makes an impact when and where it's needed.

We support an open architecture

Our platform is designed to work with any device. More devices, more data, more impact.

Insight-driven analytics and reporting

We produce meaningful insights out of the data generated by your population. You might call us data experts.

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Wellness Offerings

Our wellness offerings are fully customizable, and enable you to tailor cost-effective employee experiences for your customers. From worksite screenings to lifestyle management plans, our solutions facilitate comprehensive employer-sponsored wellness programs.

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Spotlight on our services

Worksite screenings, health fairs, flu shots, and pre-employment screenings.

Affordability and convenience

We tailor our programs to fit your needs, regardless of your budget.


Diabetic Supplies Carve-Outs

We offer high quality, affordable glucometer and diabetic supplies through our exclusive relationships. We offer you competitive prices, coupled with our leading customer service and fulfillment capabilities.

Our glucometers are fully integrated with our Carepanion platform, and enable you to seamlessly perform population-level remote monitoring.



High quality, affordable
testing supplies that safely enable you to self-monitor your blood sugar level.

Testing Strips
& Lancets


We are the exclusive Hawaii distributor of Quell, a pain management system that uses Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) to help provide relief.

Quell Pain Management

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