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COVID Oral Antiviral
Test and Treat Program

Step 1

If you are feeling unwell and are within 5 days of COVID symptoms onset, obtain a COVID PCR or antigen test to confirm if you are COVID positive.

Step 4

Once you have completed the oral antiviral assessment,  you are ready for your telemedicine visit at your scheduled appointment time.

Step 2

If your COVID test is positive, and you are within 5 days of symptoms onset, schedule an online telemedicine visit with our Advanced Practice Registered Nurse at the button below. 

Step 5

Be prepared to identify the name of your authorized representative who will pick up your oral antiviral medication on your behalf at the local pharmacy.

Step 3

Once you have scheduled your appointment, you will receive a confirmation email.  Click the link in the email to complete your oral antiviral health assessment form BEFORE your telemedicine visit. 

Step 6

Take the oral antiviral medication as instructed.  Schedule a follow-up telemedicine visit to determine the efficacy of the medication prescribed. 

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